But... but why?


Zach Leatherman made me do it.

free side project idea: HTML-only static site generated clock that deploys a new version to @netlify every minute


Easy, automated deploys

This site is made of static HTML. There is no javascript running to detect the time in your timezone and to display it to you.

Instead, the time you see is the time that the site was generated and deployed. It just so happens that building and deploying with Netlify is so easy, so frictionless, and so confident, that I felt comfortable rebuilding and deploying the site to Netlify's intelligent global CDN every minute.

Localization via the CDN

When you access this site, the CDN notices where in the world you are, and if a route has been generated for your country, it will automatically serve you that page. There isn't a comprehensive list, but you can always extend it with a pull request!

Set your watch by Netlify
Made by Phil for some bizarre reason.